Sunstone Now Providing Induction Welding Solutions

27 Apr.,2023


Sunstone now provides induction welding solutions to its customers, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Seit Electronica. Induction welding is favored by heating and cooling manufacturers for how quickly coils can be hermetically sealed and connected to other components. Other manufacturers in the automotive, electronics, medical device, and valve industries prefer induction welding systems due to improved production efficiency. Seit Elettronica’s induction welding systems use a high-frequency generator to create an isolated and controlled welding area.

“Seit Elcttronica’s induction welders are equal to the high level of performance of our own pulse arc, resistance, and laser welders,” says Jonathan Young, president of Sunstone Engineering. “The opportunity to provide our customers with an induction welding system of the highest quality, which complements the welding technologies we already offer, is exciting.”

“Sunstone’s reputation for manufacturing and selling quality micro welders is a good fit for Seit Elettronica,” says Claudio Codello, president of Seit Elettronica. “Our induction welders broaden and compliment the welding technology options that Sunstone currently offers. Ultimately, the customer benefits the most from this agreement.” 

Manufacturers of valves, HVAC, medical devices, electronics, and automotive parts can learn more by calling or texting +1 801-658-0015.

About Seit Elettronica

Seit Elettronica is a worldwide leader in the design and production of induction welders in the medium and high frequency range. Located in Valdobbiadene, Italy and founded in 1979, the company sells welding technology in the eyewear, dental, goldsmith, industrial, textile, and footwear industries throughout the world via its network of dealers. For more information visit or call +39 0423 975767.

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