Mesh Types Overview — Integrity Woven Wire

17 Nov.,2022


IWW offers meshes in a variety of weave patterns and materials. Some of the weave patterns we offer include Wire Cloth, Tri-Mesh, Tri-Lock, Inter-Crimp, Lock-Crimp and Single-Chute. Examples of these patterns can be found below.


Wire Cloth
Wire Cloth, also known as Double Crimp, is one of the most common types of wire mesh. The size of the opening is controlled by the distance between the crimps. Using different distances between the crimps on the running wires and cross wires we can also create wire cloth with rectangular openings.
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Inter-crimp refers to the use of extra crimps between intersections to provide rigidity and locking tightness for light wires in relationship to the wire opening. This type of construction allows for rectangular and square openings in a large variety of sizes.

Lock-Crimp is characterized by straight sections of wire connected by a well defined 'bump' at the wire intersections, such a manner to actually 'lock' the wires together, offering further assurance of no wire movement.


Tri-lock, also referred to as triple-chute holds wires securely yet permits slight vibration to keep openings clear. IWW can produce Tri-lock with 1", 2", 3", and 4.5" long openings. 


Tri-mesh is a combination of triple-chute and inter-crimp weave patterns. The intermediate crimps in Tri-mesh allow for longer opening sizes while retaining rigidity at smaller wire diameters. 


Specialty Meshes
Specialty meshes combine the styles above to create a variety of mesh styles.