I need to weld aluminum and only have a flux core welder. Options? : Welding

19 Aug.,2022


Flux Core Aluminum Welding Wire

First, to get this out of the way: This project is not structural. It will only need to support its weight as it is being lifted off the floor. It will spend it's life sitting flat on a steel frame. Welding the pieces together are simply to maintain shape. Also, aesthetics are absolutely not a consideration.

Now, I'm welding 1/8" aluminum panels together. There's going to be between twenty and forty 2"-long beads run. Not a big project in itself, but the physical size is fairly large and the two shops I like to use have both already quoted me over $200 for labor ~ significantly more than the project is worth.

So...I have a 100 amp flux core wire welder and I have some solid core aluminum wire. These are the materials I have on hand: Is there a way I can make them work? Can I just slather some flux paste around where I intend to weld to shield the bead?

I have access to a 90 amp stick machine and could purchase some of the aluminum sticks. Has anyone here used the sticks? How well do they work?