Homemade Welding Fixture Table Workbench built from scratch

04 Aug.,2022


3D Welding Table

Table Top Size and Hole Pattern

So let’s talk table size. In my opinion, try to have the largest size table that your shop can accommodate and afford. Whether it’s something like a 2×3, 4×6, 4×8 or 5×10. 

This will allow you to work more comfortably on projects of different magnitudes. 

I went with an overall dimension of 67” long  by 43” wide and  ½” thick plate.. (That’s about  3.5’ x 5.5’. ) I feel like the 43” width is still a reachable distance without having to walk the other side and using ½” thick plate would take the abuse and would less likely warp overtime. 

For the hole pattern I chose to go with the standard  ⅝” diameter hole on 3” center. Commercially the tables I have researched are 2” on center. Going that route would mean I would have to drill 693 holes vs 273.

Table Height

There’s a universal rule that says a comfortable table height is close to waist level.  I used my office standing desk to get a realistic sense of feel. For me I measure something around 34” to work best. 

Mobility and Leveling

Since I will be moving my table often, I choose to go with  some casters by Footmaster. They are low profile, rated at 1100lbs each, and have a built in ratcheting system to easily help level the table when on an uneven floor. 

Storage and Tool Organization

To help organize my squares, ginders, flap disc, and other items I designed in a pegboard system.