High-grade Corrugated Production Line

21 Apr.,2023


High-grade Corrugated Production Line

Dec 11, 2021

   The development of the corrugated box industry relies to a large extent on the improvement of the level of technical equipment. Corrugated box technology and equipment are the foundation and support of the corrugated box industry, while cardboard forming equipment is the key equipment and a sign of the level of technical equipment for carton manufacturers. Developed countries have already eliminated stand-alone machines and single-sided machines, and replaced them with linked production lines. This is also the development direction and inevitable trend of my country's corrugated processing industry. Because of its production operation, firstly, there are many processes and labor intensity; but the production scale is small and the output is low; thirdly, the quality cannot be guaranteed, which will inevitably lead to low efficiency. Nowadays, the production line is also accelerating the renewal, upgrading and upgrading. (1) To develop in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, wide width, low consumption, closed and pollution-free, computer control and multi-function. (2) The production of parts and components of tile line equipment will develop in the direction of generalization, serialization, standardization and specialization. (3) The wide application of high and new technology and corrugation make the function of the cardboard production line manufacturing equipment increasingly advanced and the reliability further enhanced.

Especially the maintenance, repair and update technology, time and cost that cannot be avoided by the increasing number of high-end imported equipment. At the same time, it is also accompanied by various practical problems caused by various misunderstandings that inevitably arise. Troubled. Constantly looking for and selecting reliable and trustworthy professional supply and maintenance service providers has also become the most important matter of the carton industry. 

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