Fluxes for Soldering, Brazing, or Welding Aluminum

19 Aug.,2022


Flux Core Aluminum Welding Wire

Aluminum Flux

The use of aluminum in industrial and electronics applications is increasing dramatically. Aluminum is abundant and considerably cheaper than metals such as copper. Aluminum also has inherent advantages, such as lightness and corrosion resistance. Superior Flux is pleased to offer a wide range of flux solutions for aluminum soldering, brazing and welding. We’ve devoted major research in aluminum metal joining and are pleased to present the widest range of aluminum soldering fluxes on the market, as well as fluxes for aluminum brazing and aluminum welding. Our innovations include an aluminum tinning flux that works particularly well in tin dipping aluminum magnet wire; specialty aluminum solder pastes for direct aluminum soldering of heat sinks that eliminates the need for expensive plating processes in heat sink fabrication; and a flux cored wire for aluminum soldering.

Superior Flux’s aluminum fluxes are categorized in the following links:
Aluminum Soldering Flux

Aluminum Solder Paste

Aluminum Heat Sink Soldering

Aluminum-Flux Cored Wire

Aluminum Brazing Flux

Low-Temp Aluminum Brazing Paste

Aluminum Bronze Brazing Flux

Aluminum Core Flux

Aluminum Welding Flux

Please review the following papers on aluminum soldering:

Direct Aluminum Solder Paste (IMAP Thermal Management Workshop – Palo Alto, CA, 2011)
Soldering Aluminum (SME International Brazing & Soldering Conference – Orlando, FL, 2009)
Please see the Video Links for aluminum soldering applications.