Decorative Metal Mesh Materials & Weave Styles

17 Nov.,2022


When you think of woven metal, industrial applications might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, savvy crafters and dedicated DIYers know the material has a wide range of decorative uses.

Read on for a rundown of the various metals, finishes, and styles, along with a few decorative mesh ideas to get your creative wheels turning.

Types of Decorative Mesh

The most popular materials used for aesthetic design and embellishments include bronze, brass, nickel, and steel. These metals can be polished and shiny or feature a hand-rubbed, stylized antique finish.

Decorative weaves include:

  • Basket-style bunched twill

  • Pre-crimp square, diagonal, and


  • Flat wire

    diagonal, double-diagonal, square, or basketweave

  • Lock-crimp square and diagonal

  • Intercrimp

    (also known as multi-crimp) square and diagonal

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Bear in mind, crafts and DIY decor aren't limited to decorative materials! For instance, industrial-grade poultry netting is a go-to for many creative projects.

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Decorative Mesh Ideas for Home and Garden

Decorative wire mesh can be used for many things, indoors and out. A few of the most common applications include kitchen cabinetry, storage consoles, high-end home accents, contemporary porch screens, and various outdoor enhancements. 

Wire Mesh Kitchen Cabinetry

Boasting a rich, almost-black finish, tarnished brass mesh offers a modern appeal when used for kitchen cabinetry. You might also consider hand-rubbed bronze, which is just as dark but with a slightly warmer tint.

Flat, crimped, diagonal, and double-diagonal are all excellent choices for cabinets. Using woven metal instead of wood or glass offers some visibility while eliminating fingerprints.

Storage Consoles

On a similar note, decorative hardware cloth is a great choice for the cabinet doors of storage consoles. Whether you're building a media center from scratch, refurbishing a dining room cabinet, or working on a credenza for your entryway, you can't go wrong with flat-wire or twill mesh.

High-End Home Accents

When it comes to indoor decor, there's no shortage of things you can do with wire mesh. Crafters reach for the material when making small sculptures, holiday ornaments, decorative lamps, fireplace screens, planters, floral arrangements, and wall art.

Contemporary Porch Screens

With the need for outdoor gathering spaces at an all-time high, many homeowners are using screens to make their porches and patios better suited for year-round use. If you're not thrilled about the look of prefabricated products, you might consider making your own with high-quality wire mesh.

Outdoor Enhancements

Woven metal sheets have virtually endless uses for landscaping and other outdoor enhancements. This includes trellises, vertical gardens, archways, rock-filled gabions, benches, sculptures, walking paths, firepits, exterior lighting, and design-forward fencing, 

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Quality Decorative Wire Mesh Product Suppliers

Woven metal can be used in nearly any indoor or outdoor space. With the right materials and a DIY mindset, you can make these ideas (or one of your own) come to life.

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