Custom Woven Wire Mesh

17 Nov.,2022


Unlimited Possibilites

Whether your need is architectural, industrial, or something unconventional, we can manufacture almost any combination of crimp style and material that can be woven ranging from a 4” opening down to a 3×3 mesh in either space or center preference.

Our most frequent wire diameters used in our weaving process typically range from .063” all the way through to a hefty .250”. Additionally, our woven wire mesh can be made in all widths up to 72″ and lengths exceeding 100 feet!

With our onsite capabilities, Universal Wire Cloth can design and fabricate the tooling necessary to produce a customer’s specific requirement with extreme accuracy saving you valuable time and cost. Not only can we make custom tooling, but we also have an extensive catalog of existing equipment that can be used to create a variety of custom wire mesh specs.

Have a different requirement? Contact Us and we will be happy to help!