Commercial & Industrial Floor Scrubbers

07 Nov.,2022


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How Exactly Do Floor Scrubbers Work?

All modern floor scrubbers with a roller or disc brush head essentially work in the same way. The cleaning solution is mixed either in the fresh water tank when detergents are added to it or, in the case of automatic dosing systems, just in front of the brush head itself. The rotation and contact pressure of the brush work together to remove dirt. Thanks to the turbine's suction power, the dirty water is then absorbed by the squeegee and collected in the dirty water tank. Scrubbers on the other hand do not have a turbine or a squeegee. This is why loosened dirt is collected by, for example, Kärcher's wet/dry vacuum cleaners afterwards.

Not all floor scrubbers are the same.

Floor scrubbers are like cars – they all essentially work the same way, yet not every model is suited to each area of application. Yet, thanks to different designs, sizes, brush head systems and drive technologies, it is very easy to find a machine that can match your unique requirements. You know how large your surfaces are and whether they are filled with objects or not, and you're familiar with the structure of your floors and their degree of soiling. With dozens of floor scrubbers models available, Kärcher can help you find the right floor cleaning machine for what you need.