Canning: Manual Can Filler & Seamer Machine for Microbrewery Beer, Wine, Soft drinks

12 Aug.,2022


Think you can't can cans? Yes you can can cans!

Canned beverages are an improvement over bottles as they do not allow in light, have very low O2 pickup, can be easily taken out on adventures like hiking, pool-side, beaches, and parks and aluminium cans are easily recycled.

Your customers know this and the pendulum is swinging towards canned beverages.

Rinsing Filling and Seaming at up to 500 cans per hour

We supply 4 valve & 6 valve versions of our can filler / seamer with or without rinser, and with a can seamer, in 441 and 661 configurations.

  • Machines used for glass bottling can also be retrofitted to allow aluminium can seamers to be incorporated.
  • Simple canning for microbreweries and craft brewers at an economic price.

A semi-automated system pre-purges, fills, and seams cans: very low dissolved oxygen and a low price point. It is designed as a modular system - if you want more automation, we make optional modules and can add conveyors etc.