BWS-50 Multi Feed scrap copper wire recycling machine

01 Apr.,2023


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Dave from Nesser Metals


Amazing Machine. Love it, Recommend it. Willing to give reference !

We tried purchasing a new wire stripping machine from a well known manufacture, but had major troubles placing our order. So we did some research and came across the BWS-80 HD from Bluedog Wire Strippers. After 2 weeks of owning this machine we have stripped over 40,000 lbs of scrap copper wire. Our Spanish operator is highly critical of new purchases, and he said the BWS-80 HD is "Muy Bueno!" The BWS-80 HD is easy to use, you can strip large cable and small cable fast and with little adjustment. We highly recommend it. Infact, if you need a reference before purchasing we are happy to advise! Please call Joe @ Bluedog Wire Strippers and he will connect us. Dave @ Nesser Metals, NJ, USA - June 2022

Metro Group - UT



Thank you! The BWS-80 HD has been a great machine and we will most likely buy more of these units as we need to replace our other existing machines. Thx Gordon @ Metro Group.

Cains Electric


Excellent Machine!

The BWS-50 SAR is an awesome machine and strips really well, some insulations are a pain (old rubber) but for the thermoplastics, it could be better, 14 -10 AWG is tough to get the outer clear coat to split but no complaints here, bare bright pays good!

Justin F.


Machine works flawlessly!

Great Machine! Inspected and setup per instructions machine work flawlessly! Thank you again!!!

Gerdau Metals Recycling


Excellent Industrial Wire Stripper

Gerdau has purchased 4 of these machines from Bluedog Wire Strippers for our various locations and we have had excellent results stripping scrap wire. We paid for the machine after 1 month of use. Highly recommend it if you are looking for an Industrial Wire Stripping Machine. Bluedog Wire Strippers offers excellent support and stands by its product.

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