Bottles Sealing Machine,Custom Semi Automatic tin can sealing machine can Sealer Machine

12 Aug.,2022



Ⅰ Specification Parameter:

Model No

Power Supply


Net Weight



AC220V,50HZ, 370W

1000 cans/h




Ⅱ Operation Manual:

1. Keep the machine on flat platform to avoid inclination.

2. Get power connected. Press the red back button, screen lights.

3. Trial operation: Press the green start button, the instruction light and LED light will turn on if the machine works well.

4. Put the can with top lid on the tray.

5. Move the hand lever to the left until it is tight.

6. Start the machine. It would stop automatically when seaming finishes.

7. Move the hand lever to the right, loose and take out the finished can.

8. If something wrong happens, press the red emergency button.

9. Press the emergency button for 10 seconds, the counting quantity will be reset.