Steps to install the napkin folding machine

24 Jan.,2022


How to install the main body?

The napkin machine should be placed on a flat concrete floor and the machine base and floor should be fixed with a rubber or wooden board. After TWT1300D-35F Stage III is in place, a grounding wire must be added to the machine to prevent the machine from leaking electricity. During the production process, the guard should be kept intact; if a paper jam is found on the embossing roller or hair roller, it should be cleaned in time to avoid smashing. The hair roller is also damaged by the napkin machine. Keep the driving or sliding parts of the napkin machine lubricated. Note: As usual, a 40-foot high container can only hold 10 tons of large toilet paper rolls. However, if you buy from China, shipping costs from the Chinese port to your country are very expensive. Therefore, it is not feasible for you to purchase directly from China.

Steps to install the napkin folding machine

To install the ball mill, first install the main bearing.

--In order to avoid aggravating the wear of the hollow journal shoulder and bearing lining, the elevation of the bottom plate of the two main bearings shall not exceed 0.25mm per meter length .

Secondly, install the ball mill.

--Combined with the specific situation, the pre-assembled whole simplified parts can be installed directly or in several parts, and the centerline of the journal and ball mill should be checked and adjusted, and the concentric error must be guaranteed to be less than 0.25mm per meter length.

Installation of transmission parts (pinion, uranium, coupling, reducer, motor, etc.).

-- During installation, measurement and adjustment should be made according to product technical standards. Check the radial slip of the gear ring and the meshing performance of the pinion; the concentricity of the reducer and the pinion; and the concentricity of the motor and the reducer. After all the installation is completed, the subsequent bolting of the foot bolt to the main bearing base plate can be carried out.


How do I install the jumbo reel?

There are several different sizes of napkin machines used to produce different sizes of end products. For example 






You can buy extra large rolls according to the folding size of the final product. Due to its heavy weight, usually the large rolls are mounted on the machine by means of a pneumatic lift.