EPS foam shape moulding machine production line industry news

14 Jan.,2022

EPS pre-expander machine after the beads retain a certain amount of foaming agent and water vapor, when the machine, condensation into a liquid, liquid foaming agent and dissolved in polystyrene


Production process of ESP pre-expander machine

1.EPS pre-expander machine after the beads retain a certain amount of foaming agent and water vapor, when the machine, condensation into a liquid, liquid foaming agent and dissolved in polystyrene, so that the pressure in the bubble quickly reduced, bubble negative pressure (partial vacuum), beads are very soft, easy to deformation. Therefore, when the wind is delivered, try not to make the wind pressure too large, the inner wall of the air pipe should be as smooth as possible, and the bending radius should be as large as possible (to reduce collision resistance). The pipe should be a good conductor of electricity, and the whole line must be grounded to avoid electrostatic ignition. The transmission speed should not exceed 8m/s to avoid bead damage. Just the EPS beads of pretest machine material is wet, after release from pretest machine, due to absorb air, a sudden encounter cold, causing condensation of foaming agent to make bubbles in the honeycomb bubble hole hole forming negative pressure, so the beads must be placed a period of time after the pretest, on the one hand makes it dry, make it into the air to eliminate negative pressure on the other hand, the balance of internal pressure and external pressure of bubble hole, Avoid bubble hole collapse, so that the bead has elasticity.

2. Just out of EPS pre-expander EPS beads after a certain period of drying, cooling and bubble pressure stability process is called maturation. Curing can improve the further expansion, interbead fusion and elasticity of pre-formed beads in the forming process, which is beneficial to improve the quality of EPS products.

3. In the process of curing, the beads are cooled by air, and the foaming agent and water vapor of the pores in the bubble hole are condensed into liquid, so that the negative pressure is formed in the bubble hole. At this point, the air will permeate into the interior of the bubble through the bubble membrane, so that the pressure in the bubble is balanced with the external pressure, which will make the beads have elasticity after the pre-release.

4. Curing can be divided into natural curing and pressure curing two methods. In cool, dry, ventilated conditions, the natural gas is called natural maturation. The pre-maturation beads after natural maturation are inflated by adding gas (air, nitrogen) to a certain pressure in a sealed container, which is called pressurized maturation.

EPS foam shape moulding machine production line industry newsEPS foam shape moulding machine production line industry news


EPS automatic foam forming machine features

1.EPS automatic foam shape moulding machine adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC, imported touch screen, Chinese display, graphical interface intelligent control, to achieve man-machine dialogue.

2. Foam shape moulding machine has various production modes, including automatic, semi-automatic, intermediate start and manual operation.

3.EPS automatic foam shape moulding machine adopts hydraulic system, smooth operation, low noise, large clamping force.

4. The vacuum system accelerates the molding speed, shorts the cooling time and reduces the water content of the product.

5. After optimization and redundancy design, the machine is simple and lively, with high strength and high cost performance.

6. Regular plastic mechanical molding machine has a variety of heating, cooling, charging, products demoulding and other processes to adapt to different EPS products production.

7. Foam moulding machine perfect fault self-diagnosis, motor protection system, so as to ensure the safe operation and protection of equipment.

8. Shunda machine is made of high quality steel welded, and after aging heat treatment, so that the machine has high strength, no deformation, can withstand the expansion force of high-density products.

9. The company's machine adopts PLC full computer touch screen control, so that the machine opening mold, feeding, heating, heat preservation, vacuum cooling, demoulding, ejecting finished products, to achieve full automatic cycle operation.

The machine cavity surface of EPS automatic foam moulding machine adopts special aluminum alloy motherboard, with high heat kneading efficiency, good tensile strength and long service life.

11 EPS automatic foam moulding machine adopts high efficiency vacuum pump cooling device, strong penetration, good adhesion, less steam, forming speed, low moisture content, can ensure the consistency of thickening foam plastic board inside and outside, production efficiency doubled growth.

EPS foam shape moulding machine production line industry news

EPS foam shape moulding machine production line industry news

EPS foam board production equipment characteristics

1. Polystyrene foam board, also known as foam board, EPS board is composed of volatile liquid foaming agent of the volatile polystyrene

Beads are white objects that are heated and formed in the mold after pre-heating. They have the structure characteristics of micro closed pores, mainly

Used for building wall, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicle, ship insulation, floor

Heating, decoration carving and other uses are very wide. EPS foam block board production equipment production OF EPS

Appearance: white mist - colored pellets, heated by steam after foaming into white elastic bubbles.

2. Product proportion: about 1.03.

3. Main ingredient: polystyrene < 91-95%> And pentane (C5, C6:5-8%) does not contain oxygen fluorine carbon compounds (CHLORO - FLUORO - CARBONS) ingredients.

4. Characteristics: foaming EPS beads are heated to more than 90℃, the beads soften, foaming agent vaporization can make EPS beads expand 40-80 times. With fusibility: when EPS beads or bubbles heated to more than 1lO℃, beads or bubbles easy to melt bonding.

Timeliness: The foaming agent in THE RPS beads is also constantly escaping outward at room temperature, so the product has strong timeliness. It can reach the normal use date at room temperature, and the general shelf life is 2-3 months.

There is also a certain risk: EPS beads escape from the foaming agent, is flammable, explosive, so in the process of production, storage, transportation are strictly prohibited fireworks, prevent static electricity, maintain ventilation.

5 function: foam moulding products as packaging, shock absorbers. Eps foam block board production equipment eps products are mainly reflected in the use of heat insulation materials: bubble bead molding products due to very low heat conduction, for freezing factory, freezing warehouse, freezing truck, freezing ship, ice factory Z good cold insulation materials. EPS foam board production equipment EPS product packaging materials: light quality, high mechanical strength, suitable for food, machinery, electrical, electronic parts and other packaging, safe and reliable, not easy to damage, increase the value of goods. Application in building materials: with thermal insulation, cold insulation, sound insulation effect, can be used as housing, theater, conference room and other building materials. Application of products in decorative materials: molded products with weatherability and easy coloring, can be widely used in exhibitions

Field, merchandise cabinet, advertising signs and toy manufacturing. Floating material: the molded product is light in quality and can be used as lifesaving appliance, water toy, buoy, oyster shelf, etc.

EPS foam shape moulding machine production line industry news