What is SMD LED? What is LED 5050, 5630, 2835

16 Nov.,2022


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SMD LED is a Modern era source of light similar to those that is an incandescent lamp and CLF lamps/bulbs. The only difference is shape, size, color, o/p lumens, and power consumption. So let’s discuss more in detail below in this article.

What is SMD LED?

SMD LED stands for  Surface Mount Device Light Emitting Diode.

(smd + led)

It is a light-emitting diode in chip shape.

Surface mount devices are the device that can be mounted on PCB’s easily so the SMD led is the LED which can be mounted on PCB or on light strips directly.

SMD are the applications of  Surface Mount Technology (SMT), in this Technology electronic components are made such that they can be placed on printed circuit board or any led strip. This makes the device compact and lite in weight. It also called Chip On Board (COB).

Advantage of SMD led over led with pins:

  •  Compact in size
  •  Square or rectangular in shape
  •  Short leads
  •  More efficient
  •  More luminous flux in small dimensions.
  • Customizable output power


What is the difference between SMD LED and LED?

The SMD led is small-compact & chip diode while LED, in general, is light-emitting diode with long leads. The only thing that makes SMD chip exceptional that, we can place multiple color light diodes in one chip. Thus, we can achieve any resultant color we want (by color mixing theory).


What is better SMD or LED?

Both are of the Same importance. As both SMD and LED are widely used in various engineering fields depending on the requirement and application.

  • For example, LED is most commonly used in device indicators, and smd led have is general applications in monitor displays, household LAMP & and many more.
  • Nowadays smd LED is replacing LEDs with pins in every application, this is quit faster and expected to replace up to 80% in applications.
  • Chip led is costlier than normal led due to its technology and other factors.


Numbers and Chips: What does 5630, 3528 and LED 5050 mean?

There is a Standard Size for chip Diodes only. The physical dimension of the smd LED can be determined by seeing at the Number codes on these Chips.

  • Other than this the output lumens, the power consumption, efficiency, color, number of leads, etc., can learn by referring to the manufacturer’s datasheet provided with that specific chip diode.
  • The Led-light chips can have different electrical performances despite having the same code number.
  • For instance, LED 5730 may come with 1W or 3W wattage ratings. Also, the operating voltage can be different from 2.8 volts to 3.4 volts. It anything depending on the technology.
  • Polarity is generally printed on the chip as + & –
  • Different technologies provide different luminous flux also consume more power.


Below is the list of some luminous flux (approx values) of different chips per watts:

i) 2835/ 3528 -> 70 lm / W,

ii) SMD LED 5050 -> 80 lm / W,

iii) 5630 -> 80 lm / W,

iv) 5730-05 -> 80 lm / W,

v) 5730-1 -> 100 lm / W


The general formula for  size of SMD chips:

BDLN = Breadth (mm) × Length (mm)

              = B.D (mm) × L.N (mm)

where, mm is milimeters

the diode chip code 3014 will be of dimension 3.0 mm × 1.4 mm.

eg. the diode chip code 5050 will be of dimension 5.0 mm × 5.0 mm.



LED 3528 vs 5050 vs 5630 coding revelead?

Below are the in detail information of led 3528 vs 5050 vs 5630.

What is SMD LED 5050?

  • Specifications: minimum 3 diode per chip
  • Dimension /size: 5.0mm x 5.0mm
  • (Power consumption Wattage: : 0.21 W (3 diode 0.7mW)
  • Rated current, mA : 60
  • Nominal luminous flux Lumen: 15 — 18
  • Voltage: 3.4 – 3.4 volts
  • Color: Neutral white and RGB
  • Operating temperature, degrees: normal 80, critical max 110


What is SMD LED 5730? (5730-05, 0.5W varient)

  • Specifications: min 8 diode (0.6-0.7mW per diode all)
  • Nominal luminous flux Lumen:~55
  • Dimension /size: 5.7mm x 3.0mm
  • Power consumption: Wattage: 0.5W
  • Temp: -40 To +80
  • Rated current: (in mA) 150
  • Voltage: 3.3 – 3.4 volts
  • Color: multi color including white


SMD LED 5730-1 , 1W varient

  • Specifications:
  • Nominal luminous flux Lumen:~100
  • Dimension/size: 5.7mm x 3.0mm
  • Power consumption: Wattage: 1W
  • Temp: -40 To +80
  • Rated current: 300 mA
  • Voltage:3.3-3.4 V
  • Color: white and multi color

SMD LED 5730- 2b3c/ 2b5c/ 2b7c/ 2b10c are the 3 watt, 5 watt, 7 watt, 10 watt varient respectively.



What is smd LED 5630?

  • Specification:
  • Nominal luminous flux Lumen: ~40
  • Dimension /size: 5.6mm x 3.0mm
  • Rated current, mA 150
  • Power consumption: Wattage: 0.5W
  • Voltage: 3.3V – 3.4V
  • Color: all


What is smd LED 2835 / 3528?

  • specification: min 1 diode
  • Nominal luminous flux Lumen: 5 (min)
  • Dimension /size: 2.8mm x 3.5mm
  • Power consumption Wattage: 0.06 W
  • Rated current, mA 20
  • Voltage: 2.8 – 3.4 V
  • Color: white and RGB


Which is the brightest SMD LED?

The 20000 lumens 200Watts (98-106 lm/w) COB is available in the market. Instead, you can use multiple low power chips if you don’t get it.

The brightness of the  LED chip depends on the number of diodes (light-emitting diodes) used in it. Thus More number of diode more the brightness of the SMD. Currently, the brightest SMD LED  available in the market is in the series of led 5050, 5730.

You need to refer the specification of the respective LED with its number, as these numbers are only the physical dimensions. Only length and breadth can be concluded with these numbers and nothing else.

Application of these light chips:

  1. In tube lights and bulbs for a streetlight, home appliance and night limps, etc.
  2. For automobile head-light, spotlights.
  3. Moving message display in advertising.
  4. Televisions and computer screens.


Difference between LED 5050 Vs 5730 VS 2835:

LED Chip->505028355730Dimension
(size)5.0mm x 5.0mm2.8mm x 3.5mm5.7mm x 3.0mmMin. power0.21 W0.06 W0.5 WApprox. current,60 mA20 mA100 mALumen15-18555


Disclaimer: Please check the datasheet provided by the respective supplier when you are working on some Projects and research.