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25 May.,2023


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Selectable Wattage and Color Temperature


When you decide to buy an LED fixture, you will go through the specifications of the lights and want to choose a product that meets your expectations in life or at work. In general, the range of color temperature for residential and commercial lighting is from 2000 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin, the color temperature in the 2000 Kelvin to 3000 Kelvin range leans toward warm white light, and the 4000 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin range leans toward cooler tones showing blue white light. Different lumen output and different color temperature choices creates different vibes.

How to choose the right color temperature in various environments and what color temperature suits better for the environment?


Color Temperature: 2,700K - 3,000K (Warm White)

Ambience: Cozy, inviting, relaxing

Suggest Locations: Living room, bedroom, kitchens, restaurants, dining rooms

Color Temperature: 3,000K - 4,500K (Cool White)

Ambience: Welcoming, friendly, energetic

Suggest Locations: Office environments, restroom, entryways

Color Temperature: 5,000K - 6,500K (Bright White)

Ambience: Alert, sharp, focused, crisp, invigorating

Suggest Locations: Warehouse, garage, security area, commercial applications


What is the selectable LED color temperature & Wattage light?

With so many options, you may find it is difficult to decide which color temperature fits the environment the best. The selectable LED lighting fixtures will be the best choice for you. Compared to the common LED bulbs on the market, the selectable LED color temperature or Wattage bulbs offer more options for your living/working environment and allows you to test it on site.

Selectable LED color temperature & Wattage is a new LED lighting technology that offers a variety of color temperatures (CCT) and wattages. For example, a 3-in-1 color temperature of 3000K, 4000K, 6000K bulb, we can adjust for different preferences and application needs. You can adjust CCT from warm light (3000K) to natural light (4000K), or cool light (6000K), or you can change your wattage from 30W to 60W, from a dimmer light to a brighter light depending on the offer of the fixture.


Who benefits from the adjustable lights?

An adjustable light meets the different needs of customers for different color temperatures and wattages at the same time. This means distributors can reduce their SKU list and inventory level by keeping one SKU instead of multiple SKUs. This also helps reduce the errors made by the distribution centers and have a smoother business operation.

The selectable LED lighting fixtures help contractors increase customer satisfaction by providing the option to choose the best option on site for the customers. It also helps with reducing the product models need to be purchased for the project.


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