Linear stapler / cutter / surgical Evomed Group

18 Nov.,2022


Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler

The EVOMED Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler, is loaded with two double staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously cuts and divides tissue between the two double rows. New blade with each cartridge guarantees smooth, precise transection in each firing. The stapler can be easily operated by complete squeeze of the handles followed by shifting of side knob forth and back. Built-in cam, distance pin and precise closing mechanism co-work to facilitate parallel jaws closing followed by proper staples formation. The effective length of anastomosis and transection is defined by the size of selected stapler. The EVOMED Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler and Single-Use Loading Units are available in 60mm, 80mm and 100 lengths. The EvoMed Reloadable staplers are available in two stapler sizes to accommodate various tissue thicknesses: 3.8mm and 4.8mm. The EVOMED Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler has applications in abdominal, gynaecological, pediatric and thoracic surgical procedures for resection, transection and creation of anastomosis.