New Nested Spirawave® wave springs from Smalley

29 Jul.,2022


stacked wave disc springs

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Smalley’s new standard Nested Spirawave spring series is the perfect wave spring for applications requiring high forces in tight radial and axial spaces. Coiled in parallel in two- or three-turn configurations, they are able to produce two to three times the force of a single-turn wave spring. When a single nested spring replaces a stack of single-turn wave springs, misalignment, inconsistent loading, and miscounting issues are all eliminated, allowing for easy assembly and installation. Their sturdy and tangle-resistant design provides for simpler automated handling, all of which can reduce costs.

Nested Springs are an ideal choice for OEMs in the oil and gas, automotive, and connector industries, though their versatile design makes them a viable option for nearly any industry. They come standard in carbon and stainless steel which enables use in corrosive environments, and because of their small size, they fit into tight radial and axial spaces for that still require high precision and forces. One of the applications they are commonly used for is heavy duty bearing preload; the spring produces the high forces necessary to minimize play between the ball and bearings, prolonging the lifespan and limiting noise and vibration within the assembly.

Nested Spirawave springs are available standard from .500 to 4″ (16 to 100 mm) in carbon and stainless steel, and as customs from .157 to 120″ (4 to 3000 mm), with exotic alloy options available. Thousands of parts from stock are able to ship next-day, while non-stock items have as little as three week lead times. Nested springs can be found in applications such as bearing preload, valves, connectors, and many more. Standard or custom, Smalley will provide you the right part, in the right material, with No Tooling Charges™.

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