Nested Wave Springs

29 Jul.,2022


wave spring

Nested Spirawave® springs are flat wire wave springs with multiple turns, coiled in parallel to produce higher forces. These forces increase proportionally to the number of turns. Now available as a standard series, they are able to replace stacks of single-turn wave springs when applications require higher loads than single-turns are capable of producing. 

Benefits of Nested Spirawave Springs

When your application requires high forces in tight radial or axial spaces, a nested wave spring is a perfect solution. 

  • Two to three times the force of a single-turn wave spring
  • Replaces stacks of single-turn springs
    • Eliminates misalignment and uneven loading issues
    • Lowers costs
    • Quicker and simpler assembly times
  • Sturdy and tangle-resistant design for automated handling
  • Fast delivery on standard carbon and stainless parts from .500 – 4" or 16 – 100 mm
    • Thousands available from stock for next day shipping
    • Three weeks lead time on standard parts in non-stock quantities
  • Custom parts from .118 – 120" (3 – 3000 mm) available in carbon, stainless, and exotic alloys

Stock Sizes

  • NSSR Series
    • Imperial series available from .500 – 4"
  • NSSB Series
    • Metric series available from 16 to 100 mm

Custom Solutions

Our engineers have been designing custom Nested Wave Springs for over 30 years, and they are ready for your challenge. Customs can be produced from .157 to 120" (4 to 3000 mm) in carbon steel, stainless steel, or exotic alloys, with many other variants. Fill out our custom wave spring checklist and contact a Smalley Engineer to get started.


Heavy-Duty Bearing Preload

In very high load applications, a three-turn spring produces the high forces necessary for heavy duty bearing preload. Bearing preload is necessary in order to protect an assembly from noise and vibration.


Low Voltage Connector 

A Bayonet Connector couples as the male end rotates and follows the groove contour in the female end. A 2-Turn Nested Spirawave Wave Spring provides the preload between the two halves. A 2-Turn Nested Spring was necessary to develop a higher load in a very tight radial and axial space.