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26 Apr.,2023


Column clamp is not only suitable for wooden formworks

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Column clamp is not only suitable for wooden formworks. He can reinforce any cylinder formwork. The fit is very high.

This is a real case from Gurgaon, India. Our customers have chosen to use a new aluminum formwork and our column clamp to form a new formwork system. This combination is very common. The plasticity of concrete will be more in line with the standard. The effect is very good.


The advantages of aluminum stencils are obvious. The material is high in strength and can withstand the pressure from the mixed soil.

Therefore, a large-sized concrete column can be produced using an aluminum formwork.

So the question is coming? How to strengthen? Many savvy people will choose to use doka peri products directly . They have a long history and rich experience. I respect them very much. They are indeed the leaders of the industry. However, some small and medium-sized construction companies have insufficient budgets. How to choose? I am confident in recommending our column clamp products to you . This choice is really correct.

cut costs. Save labor. Be aware that the aluminum formwork is already heavy enough. If you use the firmware is still very heavy. Even use a tower crane. There will be huge labor and financial costs. Squeeze your own profits? No one is a fool. I know you are not, so you will accept my suggestion. Use our column clamp.

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