A new wave spring series

29 Jul.,2022


stacked wave disc springs

A new wave spring series

TFC Ltd says its newest wave spring series, Nested Spirawave® Springs, is the first standard range of nested wave springs on the market. They will be available from stock in carbon and 17-7 PH stainless steel from 0.5 inches to 4 inches or 16mm to 100mm.

Nested Spirawave wave springs offer a variety of benefits to customers including two to three times the force, with the force increasing proportionally with the number of turns in the coil. “Compressing a wave spring creates bending, or tensile stresses, which can limit the amount of force the spring can produce without failing or permanently deforming,” explains TFC. “It is recommended that the calculated operating stress be less than the minimum tensile strength of the material in static applications and less than 80% of the minimum tensile strength in dynamic applications. Stacking single turn springs can achieve a higher load, but one Nested spring provides the desired load without the complication of stacking multiple parts.”

TFC also points out that when an assembly demands a stack of single turn wave springs, they have to be aligned perfectly to prevent binding or uneven loading when compressed. However, because Nested Spirawave Springs are made from one continuous filament of flat wire, coiled in parallel, the layers stay aligned, allowing for consistent loading.

The Nested Spirawave Springs are also ideal for automated processes. Their sturdy, multi-turn design allows for pick and place methods without the risk of deformation that can occur when a robotic arm picks up a single turn wave spring. This design has no free ends, making it tangle resistant, reducing assembly time.

“The Nested Spirawave Springs are a standard series from Smalley, with thousands of carbon and stainless steel, from 0.5 inches to 4 inches, available for next day shipment,” comments TFC. “Non-stock quantities can be available in as little as three weeks and if one of our new standard series springs doesn’t fit your application, Smalley can design you a custom Nested Spirawave.”