How does Grey Cast Iron Casting Increase Its Strength?

31 May.,2021

‚ÄčAs a Grey Iron Casting Company, share with you.


As a extension spring, share with you.

Enhancement method

Methods to increase the tensile strength of gray iron castings: 1. A small amount of carbon can be added to the raw materials. In the carbon content of gray iron castings, the carbon content is mostly 2.6% to 3.6%, and the silicon content is 1.2% to 33.0% . In the case of determining the wall thickness of gray iron castings, an appropriate amount of manganese should also be added.

Grey Cast Iron Casting

Grey Cast Iron Casting

Using alloying methods to improve the tensile strength of gray iron castings, adding appropriate amount of trace alloys, chromium, molybdenum, tin and other elements can also significantly improve the tensile strength of gray iron castings, and do a good job of inoculating molten iron.


Once porosity or shrinkage occurs on the casting surface, it becomes a waste product. The looseness may first be caused by the unreasonable structure. Porosity, shrinkage porosity, and shrinkage holes are produced in areas with larger wall thicknesses, even in concave corners, because the heat is dissipated by the corresponding mold boss part or mud core, so the heat dissipation at this place is poor. The solidification of metal is relatively slow. The pair has 30, Or 60" or 90. The comparison test of the Y-shaped test block with the opening angle shows that the shrinkage cavity at the concave corner decreases with the increase of the opening angle. At the same time, the shrinkage cavity decreases, and the porosity increases. The design process is reasonable. The structure is one of the important conditions for obtaining dense castings. But for a casting, the structural designer first considers the use requirements when designing; second is the rationality of the process. In particular, the shape of machine tool castings and engine castings are more complex, and the structure The rationality of the above process is difficult to guarantee.

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