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23 Sep.,2022


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Kursi santai minimalis warna abu abu di ruang tamu modern
Grand Repos Lounge Chair designed by Antonio Citterio

Our top modern Lounge Chair selection range from Design Icons to Lounge Chairs 2021 novelties. Whether you want a lounge chair to watch television or to relax, our modern Lounge Chair picks offer maximum comfort and great style. Here is our Top 5 for year 2021.

#1 – A minimalist Lounge Chair like a safe haven

Hyg Lounge Chair

The Hyg Lounge Chair, with its voluminous silhouette and soft, curvy lines, invites you to have a seat and take a moment for yourself. The inspiration behind the cozy Hyg collection is the word “hygge”, a famous Danish word meaning creating a warm atmosphere, feeling good at home, alone or with other people.

The designer Simon Legald wanted to create a place for relaxation with a sense of security, be it in your own living room, a public library or a busy hotel lobby. The Hyg lounge chair is like a safe haven, a nest where you can curl up in, perhaps with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Manufactured in Denmark, Hyg Lounge Chair can have different dimensions and upholstery. We like this luxury leather version, made from Sorensen Leather. Sorensen is probably the most high-end, sought-after sustainable leather in the world. The construction is very solid with aluminum legs and steel reinforcement in the shell for added strength. Besides, this modern lounge chair offer great comfort thanks to its molded PU foam with a molded lumbar support.

You can buy the Normann Copenhagen Hyg Lounge Chair at Novo Design.

Lounge Chair Hyg, an authentic Scandinavian chair available online at Novo design

#2- A modern Lounge Chair that became a design icon

Elda Lounge Chair designed by Joe Colombo for Longhi

In his brief but brilliant career, Joe Colombo produced a series of innovations which made him one of Italy’s most influential Italian product designers. Elda Lounge Chair was the first large chair to utilize a self-supporting fiberglass frame. Its seven sausage-like cushions, rotating base and generous proportions provide a great deal of comfort. This is one of Colombo’s first furniture, and naturally he gave the name of his wife Elda.

Designer Joe Colombo, sit on its creation Sketches from the designer

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York exhibits the Elda Lounge Chair, which is now a design icon. This modern Lounge Chair features in many movies, and the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld owned this Lounge Chair.

Many copies are available on internet, but keep away from copies if you don’t want to waste your money (if you want to know why, we explain it in a previous post on furniture copies). You can buy an authentic Elda armchair from the Italian Brand Longhi.

Elda Armchair has became a design icon

#3 – A plastic Lounge Chair that is eco-friendly

kursi santai minimalis terbaru 2021 di plastik warna biru
This outdoor Lounge Chair is made from plastic found in the sea

The Vondom Ibiza Lounge Chair is not only a beautiful outdoor Lounge Chair that won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2020. Ibiza Lounge Chair is also is a lounge chair made of recycled plastics from the sea for an environmentalist approach to the world of design.

The construction is very solid and suitable for outdoor use, even in a commercial environment. The material is injected polypropylene forced with fiberglass. As a result, Ibiza Lounge Chair is is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and impact resistant , lightweight and recyclable. In addition, it is also very easy to clean.

You can buy a set of 4 Vondom Ibiza Lounge Chairs at Novo Design.

kursi santai minimalis terbaru 2021 di plastik warna putih
Vondom Ibiza lounge Chair is available online at Novo Design

#4 – An outstanding Lounge Chair

Pelican Lounge Chair designed by Finn Juhl

The Pelican Chair was probably the piece of furniture furthest ahead of its time. In 1940, at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition, it stood out with its unusual shape and sturdy legs. In 2021, its organic shape and contoured body are still captivating and attractive.

The Pelican Chair consists of a widely contoured seat that is supported on four slanted wooden legs. In contrast to other designers of its times, Finn Juhl approached furniture design like a sculptor. As he once acknowledged, “Art has always been my main source of inspiration”. In that case, its fascination for surrealism is apparent in the Pelican Chair.

Pelican Chair detail

Art has always been my source of inspiration. To me, it seems obvious, that furniture must also possess artistic quality to make it exciting and merge it with its surroundings.

However, Pelican Chair does not forget its purpose: to be a comfortable Lounge Chair. Pelican Chair has a sculptural beauty, but its organic shape and contoured body are designed to provide a comfortable seating. “Furniture is not created just to be looked at,” he once said. “People should be able to use a piece of furniture.”

House of Finn Juhl, the brand which has the exclusive rights of production to his designs, relaunched the production in 2001. There is two versions of the Pelican Chair – with or without buttons. It is manufactured with a cushion and upholstered by hand in fabric or leather. Prices start at about 5.000 € (not including transport and import taxes).

With its organic form, the Pelican Chair is still a captivating Lounge Chair

#5 – A 2021 noveltie Lounge Chair

Minimalist Armchair Swell by Normann Copenhagen

The voluminous silhouettes of the Swell series give the furniture pieces a playful feel and ensure a great sitting comfort. “Swell” is a reference to rising bread. There is no unnecessary details to this minimalist Scandinavian armchair. In spite of this, Swell oozes with character and personality and its soft, curved shapes make it both inviting and provide a fantastic sitting comfort.

The construction is like all Normann Copenhagen products: very solid. This armchair consists of solid plywood frame with Nozaq springs, HR 38 (High-Resilient 38kg / m3) cold foam on the seat and HR 35 cold foam on the back and armrests. On top is a layer of supersoft cold foam which ensures optimal comfort.

For 2021, Normann Copenhagen Swell Armchair is available in a large choice of hig-quality new upholstery made by Camira Fabrics, in Denmark. For example, the new Zap upholstery has a 10 years guaranty and is certified for more than 100.000 Martindale cycles. Contact Novo Design to request a quote.

Normann Copenhagen Swell Armchair, available online at Novo Design

And you, what his your favorite modern Lounge Chair for 2021? Tell us in the Comments.