how to choose a good one? Lafuma Mobilier

17 Nov.,2022


sun lounger

Type of sunlounger

A sunlounger differs from other types of chairs. Designed to be in a reclined position, with a comfortable headrest, a sun lounger that can be paired with a footrest, works perfectly for a relaxing moment. It differs from a sunlounger which offers a lie-flat position with its multi-position reclining backrest that is chosen for sunbathing or taking a nap while stretching out one’s legs. The deckchair for the garden or chaise longue, is more stylish and comfortable than an outdoor folding chair. For moemts of relaxation, the relax chair is a good alternative which worls well both indoors and outside. Depending on the use it will have, a folding model is preferable, as it is not only easy to move around, but it also has the advantage of being easy to store, saving space once the summer season is over.

The shape of the sunlounger

”S” shaped models fit the shape of the body, but in a single, fixed position. There are also flat sunloungers: a classic shape which lets you stretch out completely. Adjustable sunloungers have the advantage of offering several angles and positions, from half-upright to lie-flat, according to your preference.

Sunlounger materials

The choice of material is very important. A wooden sunlounger, for example, is attractive for its timeless look. Acacia or solid teak have an elegant appearance, but it is worth bearing in mind that these materials require regular maintenance to remain rot-resistant. Weight is also a drawback. On the other hand, PVC is a light material, but which has the tendency to heat up quickly. Adding a sunlounger cushion is therefore essential, for example with models made from woven resin. PVC fabric is widely available, usually made of polyester fibres coated in PVC. Attention should be paid to choosing a good quality fabric. A specialist in the fabric of outdoor furniture, LAFUMA Mobilier makes sunloungers with different covers. Batyline fabric, is very easy to maintain - just soapy water will do -, and is perfectly suited to outdoor conditions, and is not affected by UV exposure. It is very resistant to ripping, does not lose its shape, and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments. The brand innovates by also developing ultra-comfortable three layer technical cushions. AirComfort® and BeComfort®. Thanks to their permeable materials, (3D Mesh, breathable padding and Batyline®), they do not retain water, they dry very quickly and are ideally suited to outdoor use. These models with fabric can be designed with a light but insubstantial aluminium frame. Steel will guarantee a robust framework. LAFUMA Mobilier uses an HLE - High Limit Elasticity - steel which combines strength, lightness and durability.