What is Monk Fruit?

14 Apr.,2023


What is monk fruit?

For centuries, people have been searching for a perfect sweetener. The mass production of sugarcane gave an edge in the west to its consumption and now we throw it into all drinks together because it's so easy (and tasty) that way! Unfortunately, this increased sugar intake has led not only towards higher blood pressure levels but also obesity-related illnesses like diabetes mellitus and heart disease too.

Luckily, an alternative was being grown by the monks in Thailand and China, a small green fruit used for its health benefits over centuries ago; it came to be associated with these religious figures hence the name Monk Fruit. Monks would drink this for sore throats, removal of phlegm.

The fruit did not spread far, and most of the fruits are still grown in the same region. In modern times, Monk fruit extract is derived from dried fruit, similar to stevia. Though monk fruit extract is 150-250 times sweeter than table sugar, it still has no calories or carbohydrates to raise your blood sugar levels. The flavor of the product tastes smooth and pleasant with a hint of malty taste similar to  turbinado Sugar

The fruit's sweetness is a perfect substitute for sugar, with no aftertaste and no side effects such as bloating, and gas. The high sweetness concentration and the few known side effects of fruit have kept it on the FDA’s list of safe foods.

It's clear that monk fruit extract is an ideal substitute for sugar. The zero-calorie, natural sweetness of this product will have you feeling satisfied without cutting through those sweet tooth cravings!

The 100% PURE MONK FRUIT ZERO CALORIES SWEETENER is perfect for coffee, smoothies, and your everyday drink mixes. perfect for coffee, baking, vanilla flavorings, smoothies, cooking, keto-friendly banana bread, and other sugar alternatives. Pour into the cup before adding a liquid for faster dissolving.

 Monk fruit is a healthier alternative to processed sugar. The active ingredient in monk fruit does not rely on sucrose for sweetness; instead, it contains Mogroside V which gives the entire product its signature sweet taste and powerful antioxidant properties that the body can easily metabolize. The low glycemic response means that you can enjoy all these benefits without experiencing any of those nasty side effects.

 Medical research has found that monk fruit extract is safe for people with diabetes and can help maintain blood sugar levels. The chemical compounds in this natural sweetener do not contain carbohydrates, so they don't cause an increase of highs or lows like other types might. Further studies also indicate it can stimulate insulin secretion.

Pure monk fruit extract may help control weight management and reduce the daily calorie consumption when substituted with table sugar. It works with most modern diets such as keto, paleo, and gluten; hence, it doesn't disrupt your life. Monk fruit is a perfectly healthy sweetener that, combined with its age-old medicinal use, makes it great for relieving sore throats and reducing phlegm. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that may help to prevent cancer and stabilizer blood sugar levels.

Try it out You Are Loved Foods 100% PURE MONK FRUIT ZERO CALORIES SWEETENER for a better, safer, and healthier sugar alternative without losing any upsides of sugar.

 Monk fruit extract is a natural sweetener that has become more popular in recent years. It offers many benefits over sugar, which is the traditional go-to for most people who want to satisfy their sweet tooth or need something sugary with their coffee. For starters, monk fruit extract doesn't contain any calories (sugar does). Secondly, it can be used as part of a ketogenic diet and won’t spike blood sugar levels as regular sugar would. Finally, it's 100% natural—it comes from the luo han guo plant with no heavy processing. Give this alternative to conventional sugars a try.

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