PU Leather-What Is It?

27 Apr.,2021

PU leather is the same as leather, but not exactly the same. It is an artificial leather product, split by leather. Splitting is a part of animal leather, which is left after the production of real, high-quality leather, such as top grain or full grain.


PU Leather-What Is It?

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PU leather is the same as leather, but not exactly the same. It is an artificial leather product, split by leather. Splitting is a part of animal leather, which is left after the production of real, high-quality leather, such as top grain or full grain. Therefore, it is definitely cheaper and less popular than genuine leather, but this is not to say that it is not good.

After peeling off the split leather, apply a layer of polyurethane, and then generally apply it on the surface of the furniture. This polyurethane makes it shiny and makes it look vintage, but not necessarily real.

What fabric does the fabric chair use?

Fabric is a general term that can be used to describe various materials. Under normal circumstances, fabric chairs are composed of cotton, polyester, linen and/or mesh.

Woven fabric will be rougher than PU leather, but it will not be painful to the touch and should provide a certain degree of breathability.

Advantages of PU leather chair


PU leather is quite economical for darning, especially when compared to authentic top or full-grain leather. Yes, this is because it is not the most ideal part of animals, but it is still a big factor for players who want to save money.


From a distance, PU leather furniture is almost identical to ordinary leather. This difference will only be noticed when you are closer, and most ordinary people can't tell it.

Only those with leather experience will know that this is not top-grain-how many people do you know are hardcore players and leather connoisseurs?

Basically immune to splashes and stains

Due to the smooth and smooth surface of PU leather chair, they are hardly damaged by liquids or other substances and may come into contact with them.

Most of the time, you can just wipe the material off the chair and continue playing the game. So, if you spill sugary soda on the chair, pop it aside and sit back. However, spraying with water may help so that it does not become sticky.

The same quality means that things will not stain the chair. Even red wine is easy to wipe off. Or we should say that we love drinks and cheap vodka.

In any case, the roughest colors and drinks are not a big problem for PU leather chairs, because this material does not absorb anything. In fact, this is more beneficial than better quality leather.

When you spend more money on top grains, you have to treat it more carefully. PU leather can withstand blows, you don't have to feel sad about it.

This is not just a liquid factor. Things like dust and debris will wipe off the PU leather chair. Potato chips will not hit the fabric because it has a good defense.

So, both solids and liquids are harmless, which is perfect for players who don't want to waste time cleaning themselves when there are important tasks to complete.


Although it is relatively cheap leather (not technically genuine leather), PU leather is still very durable. You can't take a knife and start cutting it, but it should be able to withstand a person sitting on it and sprinkling it on it for years.

It will definitely start to wear out, showing its age, but its function is the same as when you bought it, and it still remains comfortable. In fact, it will even become more comfortable when you get used to it.


Because PU leather is synthetic, it is easy to dye, so you can choose from a variety of colors for your chair. The quality of the leather will not decrease because polyurethane will still be used for coating.

Disadvantages of PU leather

We may just excite you because of all the advantages of PU leather, but there are also some disadvantages to consider.

Limited breathability

Because PU leather is very impermeable, it also means that it is actually impermeable. The PU leather chair really doesn't breathe, which means your body doesn't breathe when you sit on it. This will cause the longer you play the game, the higher the temperature, making you more likely to sweat and feel uncomfortable.

The heat is trapped by the PU chair, and the sweat is trapped. When you look down at your chair after playing games for a long time, you may notice that you are sweating. Disgusting! Not to mention that it does not emit any odor, so we hope you at least maintain good hygiene when using the PU chair.

PU leather

Cheap look from close up

We mentioned that PU leather looks good-from a distance. But the closer you get to the chair, the more you will realize that this is not a beautiful leather product, but a cheap imitation. This is especially true when you sit on it and feel it.

Anyone sitting on leather furniture can tell that this is not the genuine product.

Limited power

Although we said that PU leather chairs are very durable, this does not mean that they are particularly strong. They are durable in daily use.

So, if you treat it as a normal chair, it should be able to support it. However, PU leather cannot really resist major accidents or other things that may threaten its integrity. If you have pets, their nails can easily cause significant damage to the chair.