USMC Knit Military Shooting Glove with Grip Dots

11 Aug.,2022


These knit military gloves are are extensively used by the United States Marine Corps. Made with special hollow core fibers, the TS-40 USMC gloves retain body heat significantly better than standard knit gloves. Hollow core fibers trap more air per square inch than a standard weave. These gloves are also moisture wicking which means that they'll move sweat away from your hands keeping you warmer when you need it without allowing your hands to overheat. The gripper dots on the palm and fingers allow you to keep hold of weapons and other objects. On top of all of that, these high quality military gloves are made in the United States. Pick up a pair today!

Superior Grip Military TS-40 Gloves

  • 96% Polyester 4% lycra
  • NSN # 8415-01-463-2385
  • Gripper dots