How to match the tie and suit-[Handsome tie]

12 Jan.,2021

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as the core of the match is a man has to repair knowledge, if the match is not appropriate, it may damage the overall feeling. The collocation of a tie is ingenious. It can catch people's eyes and show its originality.

From the perspective of color matching, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Black suit + white shirt, with gray, blue and shirt color coordination business tie.

navy mens modern silk ties

2. Grey suit + white shirt, can match with grey and yellow tie

plaid mens modern silk ties

3. Navy suit + White / light blue shirt, blue and orange tie

orange mens modern silk ties

4. Blue suit + pink shirt with blue tie

floral mens modern silk ties

5. Green suit + light blue shirt, can match with blue and green tie

black mens modern silk ties

The overall matching with accessories can follow the principle of three primary colors, so that you can find the best choice.

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