What material is good for men's tie-[Handsome tie]

08 Jan.,2021

men's tie cotton,148*7.5cm


Men's tie is the most men's style decorations, suits and shirts faithful partner. An exquisite tie is a necessary product to improve a man's quality and identity. But with the development of clothing fabrics and the change of fashion trends, what are the materials of ties?

1、 Silk tie

Mulberry silk is made of pure natural spring silk. The has bright luster, good softness and smooth hand feeling. Expensive fabric, good texture, high grade. Suitable for gift giving and high-end banquet.

silk tie

2、 Polyester tie

Polyester fiber is man-made silk. Polyester necktie keeps flatness, elasticity, toughness, strength, and is not easy to deform. It is not easy to leave creases behind the tie. It has a good draping feeling and is easy to clean. It is suitable for professional work. It is easy to wear and wear with tooling.

polyester tie

3、 Cotton tie

Natural fiber cotton cloth has hygroscopicity, soft touch without stiffness, comfortable and dry feeling, flexible nature. Comfortable to wear and high cost performance. It is suitable for men with fashionable leisure and modern wedding.

men's tie cotton

4、 Wool tie

The fabric is made of wool. The color of wool tie fabric is natural and soft, with good heat preservation effect, three-dimensional and clear grain, soft and elastic handle. Suitable for men's winter coat.

wool tie

5、 Knitted tie

Knitted fabrics are made of yarns bent into loops and strung together. The knitted tie is flexible and can be worn with the body. Softness, comfort and tenderness. Hygroscopicity and air permeability, crease resistance, when creased, the yarn can quickly recover and keep its original state. Chemical fiber knitted fabric also has the advantages of easy washing and quick drying. Suitable for leisure occasions, comfortable and fashionable you.

knitted tie

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