How to match men's tie with sweater in autumn and winter-[Handsome tie]

11 Jan.,2021

floral ties for men,148*6.5cm


Sweater as a high rate of indoor and outdoor wear in autumn and winter, not only can help you keep warm in the cold, but also not lose style. Sweater with men's tie, not only can let the male domineering exposed, more can reflect a man's good cultivation and intellectual.

1. If you like to be cool, a fresh and fashionable blue suit, and a brown tie in the sweater, the men's tie will undoubtedly add fuel to the flames and help you have a classic meaning besides leisure. It can not only show your man's demeanor, but also make people deeply impressed with you at a glance.

2. Just in autumn, you can put on a white shirt, and then choose a light gray cardigan, with a pure blue men's tie, which can set off your sense of professionalism, let you show your head in the crowd.

navy tie

3. On a beautiful weekend, a with wine red sweater and cardigan will bring you a comfortable feeling of enjoyment.

floral ties for men

4. A fishbone wool tie with a short dark knitted cardigan can make you shine. It not only brings you warmth in early winter, but also improves your taste.  

blue wool tie

5. Plaid tie with a simple dark blue sweater, stable temperament, simple style is also the current hot type.

plaid tie

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