What should business men pay attention to in choosing ties-[Handsome tie]

20 Jan.,2021

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Tie is an important embodiment of men's dress taste, so what details should business men pay attention to when choosing ?

1. Fabric selection: the elegant tie is usually made of silk or wool

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2. Color matching: in business activities, blue, gray, brown and other monochrome ties are ideal choices.

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3. Pattern pattern: stripe tie is the first choice, and you can also choose patterns such as polka dots and plaques according to different occasions

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4. Style: the tie with the big head in the shape of an arrow is usually the one with the lower end in the shape of an arrow, which is a gentleman's tradition; the tie with the big head in the shape of a flat head, which is light and luxurious. Wearers can choose according to their own preferences and trends.

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5. Quality: the business tie should be beautiful, smooth, neat, without jumping silk, defects and thread ends. It should choose the stiff and heavy tie.

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