How to distinguish silk from polyester-[Handsome tie]

21 Jan.,2021

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Many people think that the higher the price of a tie, the better the quality will be. However, the price of a tie varies greatly with different materials. So how to distinguish between and polyester tie when buying a tie? Today, I'll teach you three simple tips:

1.Look: pure silk has pearlescent luster, elegant and soft, and looks soft and even; polyester is dull in color, like a layer of wax

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2. Touch: silk tie is made of silk, drooping and soft; polyester is made of chemical fiber, airtight, thick and stiff

100% silk tie men

3. Burn: turn out a little fabric inside the small head of the tie. If there is no open fire and there is a smell similar to animal protein fiber, after the combustion is completed, you can crush it directly with your hand, which is pure silk. If you burn open fire, black smoke, forming a hard block is polyester .

100% silk tie men

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