How to maintain your reverse osmosis system?

14 Oct.,2022


8040 ro membrane

Most water filters for residential use are created with low-maintenance in mind. Good reverse osmosis filters are no exception, and they are a good investment both maintenance wise and for obtaining high purity water. In this article we’ll go into the details of how to maintain your reverse osmosis system to have your RO filter working at its full potential.

There are three main aspects that you have to consider in the maintenance process of your RO filter: replacement of pre and post-filters, replacement of RO membrane, and the sanitising your water tank. The challenge with replacing all these elements is that you have to do them at different intervals, however, given that all you have to do is to remember to replace the filters at the required frequency is considered an advantage by some people.

Pre and post-filter replacement

Pre-filters have the role of removing larger particulates and chemicals that can clog or damage the RO membrane. These filters are usually sediment filters and carbon block filters, which are one of the most affordable and efficient filter cartridges on the market. These cartridges have a service life of 3 to 6 months or 6 to 12 months, depending on the brand and the quality.

The costs of these filters vary depending on the filter model and brand. To save money on replacement costs, we recommend purchasing reverse osmosis replacement filters in yearly or 24 monthly bundles.

If you forget to replace these filters you’ll soon enough notice changes in the flow rate of your system until no water is produced at all.

RO membrane replacement

A good RO membrane will last between 12 to 24 months, especially if the pre-filters do a good job at filtering out particulates and chemicals. TDS (total dissolved solids) rejection tests are usually used for determining whether the RO membrane needs replacing before the recommended replacement date. As this is the most crucial element in the RO filtration process, it’s important to pay attention to the filtration quality of your pre-filters and remember to replace them.

RO tank sanitising

You can clean the pipes of your RO system every two years just to make sure everything is in top shape. Another aspect to consider is sanitising your RO tank every year. RO sanitising kits can help you with this process. You can carry out the sanitisation when you replace your filters.

Taking an active role in the maintenance of your RO filter will make sure that the system will always deliver the best performance and its service life will be prolonged.