Snow making machine for ski resort

22 Jan.,2021

Features of snow making machine:



Oue snow making machine with many nozzles and controllable snow output, Ametco snowmaker can quickly complete the snow making work in the snow field with an efficient operation of 30 to 100 cubic meters per hour, and can also adjust the automatic swinging head/inverted barrel according to the user's requirements.So you have more snow to make.With 3 tires and traction frame, the snow field can also pull the equipment to make snow at any time, which is very simple, fast and convenient.

Features of snow making machine:

1. Computer control: various operation parameters are set through the computer and displayed

on the text display;

2. Automatic alarm: when the fault occurs, the alarm sound will be sounded immediately and

the cause of the fault will be displayed on the text display;

3. System connection: WiFi connection, can be directly operated by mobile phone or computer,

is the most advanced operating system at present;

4. High-temperature snow making: designed for critical temperature and humidity

 in high-temperature areas;

5. Heavy snowfall: The maximum snowmaking capacity can reach 100 cubic meters per hour.

Its high power axial fan makes the snow making distance longer and covers a larger

area effectively.

6. Fine snow quality, low water content;

7. High temperature snow making: temperature 0 degrees, humidity below 80% snow;

8 durable: low failure rate, favored by users;

9. Good quality, manufacturers perfect after-sales service, users rest assured Snowmaking machine in the below zero degree, humidity below 80% snow,

 snow per hour is 30-90 cubic meters, the ideal condition 1 cubic water can make 2.5 cubic meters of snow.