Fine mist system industrial dust suppression micro fog machine

25 Jan.,2021

industrial dust suppression micro fog system


Dust suppression Mechanism of high-pressure micro fog system:

The ultra-high pressure pump is used to pressurize the water to more than 40 kg, and then the water is atomized in the high pressure nozzle through the high pressure pipeline. The diameter of the droplet is only 10-50 μ M. These tiny atomized particles can float in the air for a long time. They have strong surface activity and adsorption capacity to effectively adsorb the dust suspended in the air, especially the inhalable particles whose diameter is less than 5 μ m, so that the dust will settle under the action of gravity, so as to achieve the dust suppression effect.


Functional characteristics:
1. Thickened heavy industrial chassis
2. Dustproof and waterproof shell design
3. Thickened stainless steel water tank 30L
4. LCD cycle time control
5. Large flow inlet float valve
6. Water pump protection system
7. Motor thermal overload protection
8. Built-in set of precision filters
9. Working pressure 40-70 kg

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Application fields of High Pressure Micro Fog System

1, Textile industry: textile factory humidity control, eliminate static electricity and dust.
2, Paper industry: humidity control of paper, eliminate static electricity and dust.
3, Computer room: humidity control and elimination of static electricity in various computer rooms.
4, Electronics industry: semiconductor components factory, LCD factory, PCB factory, IC test factory, etc., for humidity control and elimination of static electricity.
5, Spraying industry: car painting, various types of spray plant humidity control, eliminate static electricity and dust.
6, Plastic industry: plastic molding plant, plastic products manufacturing plant humidity control and destatic.
7, Printing industry: plastic printing, exquisite printing, special printing humidity control and antistatic.
8, The actual room: All kinds of quality inspection, testing, analysis, laboratory environment constant humidity.
9, Tobacco industry: tobacco processing, production humidity control and dust.
10, Warm industry: Central air-conditioning system to increase humidity and eliminate static electricity.
11, Fresh storage: fruit sparse products of constant wet preservation, constant wet storage.
12, Food industry: dry, dehydrated, refrigerated food back to moisture, fresh.
13, Planting industry: large-scale planting and planting fungi, flowers, tropical plants and soilless cultivation are used for humidity control.
14, Colonization: livestock, birds, insects and other large-scale breeding, breeding, hatching for moisturizing and disinfection.
15, Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain forests, film and television, exhibitions, etc. imitate the natural environment landscape.

micro mist 4.jpgmicro mist 4.jpg