What Is Southern Yellow Pine Plywood?

23 Jul.,2022

If you are interested in learning about southern yellow pine plywood and its many benefits, this article will provide you with an in-depth overview.


Southern yellow pine plywood is one of the most used materials for construction plywood. It can be used for a range of different purposes, including most interior and exterior construction projects. Many DIY homeowners, contractors and construction companies prefer Southern Yellow Pine plywood to other types of plywood, as it is strong, dense and affordable. 

It is encouraged for those who are interested in starting a construction project to put thought into which type of wood is most suitable for them. The best type of wood is, of course, dependent on the project. 

Many view Southern Yellow Pine to be a very versatile multi-purpose wood that can be effectively used in a range of different ways. When considering undertaking any project that needs plywood, it is helpful to have a complete understanding of the characteristics of Southern Yellow Pine plywood to determine if it is right for the project.

Designed for Durability

Softwoods such as Southern Yellow Pine plywood are easy to use for construction purposes and are generally more affordable. Southern Yellow Pine plywood combines the ease of use and affordability with incredible durability. 

It is important to have durable wood for your construction projects to prevent any safety concerns from developing and ensuring that it will not need early replacement. There are many reasons why Southern Yellow Pine is so durable. Most notably, it is very strong and has excellent stability. These factors, along with its affordability, make Southern Yellow Pine plywood a great choice to consider for a wide variety of products.

Plywood Characteristics

When choosing which plywood material is most appropriate, it is helpful to consider the characteristics of the wood. Some plywood types that have an attractive and smooth appearance are more ideal for indoor use, whereas stronger, more durable woods might work best outdoors.

The most important plywood characteristics to consider include the density, drying ability, stability and strength of the wood. Southern Yellow Pine plywood meets a lot of the requirements to be considered an ideal wood in each category, which is why so many trusts it for both outdoor and indoor use.


Southern Yellow Pine plywood is a dense wood. In fact, it is one of the densest softwoods available. The density of Southern Yellow Pine is around 34 pounds per cubic foot. It also has an 8% moisture content and weighs a little over two pounds per foot. 

Many consider wood density to be the most important attribute as it plays a direct role in the strength of the wood. This ensures it has optimal durability and allows it to be used for a range of purposes, including most outdoor uses such as outdoor furniture and bridge construction.

Drying Ability

Southern yellow pine plywood also has great drying ability. This means that, while it is not completely resistant to rot, wear or weather, it does not absorb and retain water and moisture as much as other types of wood. Because it has such exceptional drying ability, this type of plywood works very well for outdoor use. In fact, it works so well and is so reliable around water that it is a great wood to use when building a bridge. It also can be a great option for outdoor decks, along with a range of other outdoor possibilities. Southern Yellow Pine is also used for many electric poles.


Southern Yellow Pine is dense and heavy. This gives it great stability. Depending on the purpose of the project, this is either a good characteristic or one that is less ideal. In general, wood that is lighter tends to have more flexibility and less stability. 

On the other hand, more dense woods such as Southern Yellow Pine offer superior stability. This means that it can bear more weight without becoming vulnerable to breaking. Southern Yellow Pine plywood is also compact, and it is fairly resistant to chips and cracks that could cause an aesthetic concern.


Strong wood plays a big role in how it can be effectively and safely used. Wood that is not as strong is more vulnerable to breaking when too much weight is placed upon it. However, southern yellow pine plywood is a very strong wood that is capable of holding weight.

Among the most notable ways in which Southern Yellow Pine is used to bear a lot of weight includes being used to support a small bridge, for building a deck and to build wooden roller coasters. They are also used as utility poles as well due to their superior and long-lasting strength.

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