What Are the Different Types of Sheet Piles?

08 Aug.,2022


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What Are the Different Types of Sheet Piles?

This is a frequently asked question as, although Sheet Piling UK is most closely associated with being the UK’s leading specialist in the supply and installation of steel sheet piles, there are other types of sheet pile available and we do supply another option.

The main types of sheet pile are:

  • Steel sheet piles
  • Vinyl composite and plastic sheet piles
  • Fibreglass sheet piles
  • Light-gauge aluminium sheet piles
  • Pre-cast concrete sheet piles
  • Timber piles

Versatile steel sheet piles offer various advantages, including:

  • Ability to withstand great forces and pressures
  • Flexibility and ductility – which is why they are a great choice in earthquake zones
  • Long-lasting and a viable permanent solution, requiring little maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant, even on contaminated brownfield sites
  • Low footprint – they are slimline and capable of being installed very close to boundary walls
  • Low carbon footprint – 25% lower than that of a concrete pile, with little disturbance to the surrounding landscape or habitats required
  • Watertight – perfect for marine or inland water projects
  • Installation is possible via a silent and vibrationless method, lowering impacts and noise pollution
  • Recylability and re-useability – steel has a sustainability that other materials lack, making it the material of choice for those with green credentials.

In contrast, the traditional choice of pre-cast concrete sheet piles requires significant excavation and land disturbance. Steel sheet pile walls cost up to 54% less to install than cast-in-place concrete walls and result in a 10% saving in construction time and 15% less economic impact on a community.

To get a feel for the varied types of project in which steel sheet piles can be used, please read some of the project stories within our news area.

Vinyl composite and plastic sheet piles

As well as supplying top-quality steel sheet piles manufactured by Emirates Steel and ArcelorMittal, we offer clients vinyl composite or plastic sheet piles and we are, in fact, the UK’s largest supplier and installer of such piles, being the UK and Ireland representative of US-based Crane Materials International (CMI). We can simply provide these on a sale-only basis, or supply and install them.

CMI is the premier manufacturer of vinyl and plastic sheet piles in the USA and we can provide piles to cover every application, with a wide range of sections available.

Such vinyl sheet piles are typically used in soft clay and granular soils. They would be used, in most cases, in projects involving:

  • Contamination containment
  • Canal and marina basin walls
  • Lighter-duty retaining walls
  • Cut-off walls and as impermeable barriers, if a pre-application of hydrophilic sealant is possible
  • Flood defences
  • Erosion or scour protection walls

To discover more about our steel sheet piles, available in both Z sections and U sections, or to enquire about our vinyl composite and plastic sheet piles, please call 01772 794141.

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