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11 Nov.,2022


oled material

The most recent breakthroughs in the LED sector are Mini LEDs and Micro LEDs. Because of their extensive use in smartphones, TVs, displays, laptops, and other electronic devices, these LEDs have a bright future. Their size is the most significant distinction between them. Micro LEDs (100-200 m) are larger than Mini LEDs (100-200 m) (100 m). As a result, both have applications in a variety of sectors.

What Is a Mini LED?

Treating a mini-LED display as if it were a better-LED display is the best way to remember what it is. An LED backlight provides the brightness of an LED display. To see the visuals on the screen, the mini-LED, like LED, requires a backlight.

What Is a Micro LED?

People often confuse the two terms...

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