How to Use White Cement for Painting? – Simple Guide

26 Oct.,2022


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What is white cement and what is its use?

White cement or white Portland cement is the variant of the Portland cement which is commonly known as grey cement. The color of this cement is white compared to the original grey color because iron and magnesium are added to it during its production.

White cement is commonly used before applying paint as it has more properties compared to the grey cement. It is well suited for covering the walls before starting the paint. Grey cement is more preferred for the bricklaying work of the house.

Many people also prefer white cement for the exteriors as well because the finish of white cement looks good comparatively.

How to Apply White Cement?

The procedure of applying white cement is quite easy. Also the process of applying the white cement is called “ Wash “  or “ White wash. White cement only needs water unlike the grey cement.

The standard mix of the white cement requires to mix the white cement with water in the ratio of 2:1 proportions of water and white cement. Generally two coats of this mixture is needed to cover the walls evenly. It should be kept in mind that the walls should be cleaned properly and the surface should be even before you start applying the white cement to give a good finish.One should also keep it in mind that water and white cement needed to be mixed properly without forming any lumps and it should have a consistency like the paint.

Factors that should be kept in mind while applying the white cement :

To start with whitewashing you should be aware of the fact that whitewash should be used on newly plastered walls or the walls that are free from lime, oil paints, etc.

Increase your walls have lime or oil paint make sure you scrape it entirely before applying the white cement.

The next factor that is important is making the mixture. You should always add water to the cement, and it should never be the other way round.

After you have added water use a mechanical stirrer to mix it to be sure of that there no lumps.

Whitewashing should be done in the areas that are well ventilated.