High quality 2 inch x3.05mm Common wire nails wood nails supplier

30 Apr.,2021

High quality 2 inch x 3.05mm Common wire nails,common round nails, wood nails factory for Yemen market----China Qsource Trading Co., Limited


aluminum-plastic board  material : Low carbon steel wire Q195

 The length: 3/8''- 7'' (9.525mm-177.8mm) .

The diameter: BWG4-BWG20

Popular size in our compamy:1'' 1.5'' 2'' 2.5'' 3'' 4''5''6''

Techonoly:Common nail is process by Wire Drawing → Cold Upsetting → Polish → Packing → Loading

Finish : good polished, hot-galvanized/electro-galvanized, flat head, diamond point,smooth shank

Common nails have a thick shank most commonly used with dimensional lumber. 

The common nail has a wide flat head a smooth or punished surface and has a sharp diamond shaped point.

Common nails are the most commonly used type of iron nails. The common nails have a thicker and larger shank than that of the box nails. 


In addition, common iron nails are also shown as a wide head, a smooth shank and a diamond-shaped point. Workers like to use common nails for framing,carpentry, wood structural panel shear walls and other general indoor construction projects. common nails range from 1 to 6 inches in length and 2d to 60d in size. For special uses, please take a moment to browse our website, here is a complete model of nails for you. 


common nails Package:




* common nails in Carton box, wooden case and pallet.

* 16 packets × 7 lbs net in each wooden case of 112 lbs.


* 20–30 kg/carton, inside may have small boxes or bags.

* Accept customer's requirements. Our polished common nails are very popular in Middle East Countries, Like Yemen, Oman,Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc.

common wire nails package for Yemen.png