The best lip balms for quenching a parched pout

13 Sep.,2022


lip balm ball shaped

More of a moisturiser for your lips than a traditional lip balm, this pick contains shea butter, hyaluronic filling spheres, pomegranate seed oil and vitamin E. The cocktail of skin care ingredients in Lip De-Luscious results in the nourishment, softening, and repairing of particularly parched pouts. 

“As a sufferer of severely dry lips, I have tried my fair share of lip balms, but I always come back to the Mecca Cosmetica Original Lip De-Luscious. The formula contains shea butter, vitamin E and pomegranate seed oil to hydrate and condition, and I find my lips are nourished and soft after every application. It also has a subtle pinky tint, which is perfect for those no makeup days.” – Aja Walter, BEAUTYDIRECTORY's Editor 

$30 at MECCA