Use AutoFilter to filter your data

15 Nov.,2022


Auto Filter Manufacturer

Use the AutoFilter feature to find, show, or hide values—in one or more columns of data. You can filter based on choices you make from a list, or search to find the data that you seek. When you filter data, entire rows will be hidden if the values in one or more columns don't meet the filtering criteria.

Follow these steps to apply an AutoFilter:

  1. Select the data you want to filter.

  2. Click Data > Filter

  3. Click the arrow in the column header and decide if you want to choose specific values or search.

  4. Choose specific values: Uncheck (Select All) to clear all of the check boxes, and then check the boxes for the specific value(s) you want to see.

  5. Search for values: In the Search box, type text or numbers that you seek.

  6. Click OK to apply the filter.

Tip: If you want to apply a predefined or custom filter to your data, see Filter data in a range or table