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13 Apr.,2023


  • Jiahe City, Guangxi Province


    Jiahe City, Guangxi Province

  • From all international


    From all international  

  • Real estate association, Ann


    Real estate association, Ann

  • Vanke Golden City


    Vanke Golden City

  • Shenzhen Yanheng Real Estate


    Shenzhen Yanheng Real Estate  

  • Foshan Star Triumph International Real Estate


    Foshan Star Triumph International Real Estate

  • Dongsheng AD is still the city


    Dongsheng AD is still the city

  • Xuzhou New Century Mingdu Hotel


    Xuzhou New Century Mingdu Hotel

  • Shenzhen Penghai Villa


    Shenzhen Penghai Villa

  • Nanning to the heights


    Nanning to the heights

  • Poly hao hotel


    Poly hao hotel

  • Gadia Hotel


    Gadia Hotel

  • Guangxi Jiahecheng Hotel


    Guangxi Jiahecheng Hotel

  • Mission hills hotel


    Mission hills hotel

  • The Fontaine Egret Hotel


    The Fontaine Egret Hotel

  • Famous Home Furnishing Expo Park


    Famous Home Furnishing Expo Park

  • Dongguan City Institute of Technology


    Dongguan City Institute of Technology

  • Guangming Fire Station


    Guangming Fire Station

  • Mission Hills Golf Academy


    Mission Hills Golf Academy

  • East China hospital


    East China hospital

  • The flying tigers manor


    The flying tigers manor

  • Guangzhou Waterfall Tourism Culture Co., Ltd


    Guangzhou Waterfall Tourism Culture Co., Ltd

  • ZhaoQingYue lake


    ZhaoQingYue lake

  • Greentown Longwang Creek Town


    Greentown Longwang Creek Town

  • Bamboo lake


    Bamboo lake

  • Cinderry Golf Academy


    Cinderry Golf Academy

  • Mission Hills Golf Course, Shenzhen


    Mission Hills Golf Course, Shenzhen

  • Qingyuan Harbor City


    Qingyuan Harbor City

  • Haijian Mountain Golf Course


    Haijian Mountain Golf Course

  • Guilin Yangshuo Golf Course


    Guilin Yangshuo Golf Course

  • Guangzhou fairy village


    Guangzhou fairy village

  • Gash Ridge Golf Course


    Gash Ridge Golf Course

  • Songshan lake


    Songshan lake

  • Guangzhou Lihu Golf Course


    Guangzhou Lihu Golf Course

  • Nanning Qingxiushan Golf Course


    Nanning Qingxiushan Golf Course

  • Phoenix fire


    Phoenix fire

  • My home on vacation


    My home on vacation

  • Phoenix Street Enforcement Team - enclosed electric patrol car


    Phoenix street had for the convenience of management, protecting the safety of personnel and procurement LEON electric enclosed electric patrol car, this electric car after a custom, is a closed five goods bucket electric patrol car, can make the patrol duty personnel under the bad weather, the ...

  • Hutchison Whampoa Yicui Manor Project


    Hutchison Whampoa Yicui Manor Project

  • Xiamen University


    Venue used by customers: campus electric sightseeing bus   Model: 14 seater electric sightseeing bus campus sightseeing bus campus electric bus   Xiamen University (Xiamen University), referred to as "Xiamen University (XMU), is directly under the Ministry of Education o...

  • The vision of real estate


    Vision Real Estate Frances Pine Lake Buy LEON Electric Vehicle, an 11 seater electric golf sightseeing car, which can be used for daily receptions or building viewing.

  • The holiday inn


    Venue used by customers: Hotel reception Purchase Model: 11 seater electric sightseeing car electric reception car hotel reception car Mr. Kaimons Wilson founded the first Holiday Inn in 1952. Within 20 years, he had expanded the number of Holiday Inn to 1,000, in every place within ...

  • Which creek observatory


      Site used by the client: Zhangzhou Real Estate Model to buy: real estate viewing saloon car 8 seat electric sightseeing car electric reception car   Melting and international trade, which creek observatory is located in yong man district narcissus street, south of jianyua...

  • Jinan University - 14-seat electric sightseeing car


    Venue for customers: Campus to welcome freshmen electric vehicles Model: 14 seater electric sightseeing bus campus sightseeing bus campus bus Jinan University is the first overseas Chinese university in China established by the government."Ji 'nan" two words from "Sh...

  • Premium sightseeing car to service tourist, appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon of Bashan


                                             The Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in Dazhou City , Sichuan Province . It has established a close cooperative relations...

  • The village committee orders our patrol car to boost anti-crime crackdown


    In order to better respond to the special fight against evil and to maintain public security, the Dani Village Committee of Shatian Town, Dongguan has ordered an electric patrol vehicle from our company to facilitate and effective patrol work. In the event of an emergency, our patrol car can reach...

  • The opening of Doma Paradise and departure by LEON sightseeing cars


    During the opening of Doma Park in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, several four-seater and six-seater tour buses were ordered from Leon to provide tourists with better services and tour experience. Doma Park covers an area of 2500 acres, integrating natural scenery, tec...

  • LEON electric car is going to open a new era of electric sightseeing cars


    The domestic epidemic situation has gradually recovered and China's tourism industry is gradually recovering. Many companies have begun to purchase electric sightseeing cars. Leon Electric has developed a new electric sightseeing car according to customer needs. At present, there ...

  • In response to the call of energy saving, Conghua emergency officially put into use electric patrol


    In response to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection and increase the intensity of environmental protection , Guangzhou Conghua Emergency Management Bureau ordered 33 unit EPMC five-seat electric patrol vehicles from our company. The five electric patrol vehi...

  • Vacation election Shili Silver Beach, sightseeing car election LEON


    Located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province,the seascape scenic area with the same color of sea and sky. It is a good place for leisure and vacation. The beautiful scenery with our sightseeing car is not only a visual enjoyment, but also a relaxation for the body and mind. On the ...

  • Take LEON sightseeing carts to have an easier tour to Real estate YUHE in zhaoqing city


    With the development and progress of social science and technology, Now house-watching is also a kind of enjoyment. Zhaoqing Yuehu has made a great choice of buying LEON electronic carts to receive customers more conveniently. In the past, it was very inconvenient for customers to go to the real e...

  • LEON sightseeing carts use in SHE JIA villiage scenic spot


    The famous "SHE village in China" scenic spot also chooses Leon electric carts!   "Chinese SHE village" scenic spot is located in Ningde City, Fujian Province. The scenic area has a unique SHE customs. In order to make the tourists feel the cultural heritage and landsc...

  • Harmony between human and nature, Swift and pollution-free LEON electric carts


    Recently, the Bureau of natural resources and planning of Yingshan County has purchased a number of  electric sightseeing carts and one patrol car from us for tourists to visit the beautiful scenery of Qingshui Lake National Wetland Park. The Wetland Park, with a total area of 901.3 hect...

  • LEON electric patrol carts of Bao


    On March 25, 2015, Shenzhen Baoan Public Security Bureau purchased 68 patrol carts from our company (the first patrol carts officially produced by Leon). The warranty period just passed a few days ago, and the carts are still in good conditions! Leon technology has been sticking to the principl...

  • What are you waiting for ? Tian Yu lake WUHAN chose LEON


    Tianyu lake is the real back garden of Wuhan. The 67 hectare wetland Cultural Park has a 80% green coverage rate. the 222 hectare vast lake is surrounded by water and sky, green waves and lush mountain forests, forming a natural barrier. It is such  beautiful scenery. To comply with envi...

  • Environmental inspection, LEON electric patrol carts are selected for Houjie town in Dongguan


    The grid Office of Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province has positively complied with the policy of providing better public safety,  chose to purchase more than 200 powerful and practical 5-seats electric patrol carts from LEON Technology. under the mission of "providing safe...

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