Creating Custom Rubber Seals

11 Oct.,2022


Bonded Seal

Custom rubber seals from Seal Master inflate to form a full barrier within a pipe or tube instead of traditional seals which offer only a single line of defense. Without knowing too much about how the products work, one could draw the assumption that an inflatable rubber seal fills up kind of like a bike tube. The seal would thus be prone to punctures or deflating but there is much more to these high-performance industrial products.  

Rubber Seals with Added Reinforcement 

The industrial rubber seals are manufactured from a Kevlar fabric that adds superior reinforcement. Our inflatable rubber seals are able to withstand pressures from steams, gas, liquids, and debris that might make its way into the piping. This durable construction is unique, innovative, and provides not only performance, but reliability. 

Engineered for Custom Applications  

Another advantage of custom rubber seals is that they are 100% designed for your specific custom applications. This isn’t sorting through a selection and finding a product suitable for your needs, it’s identifying your needs and creating the exact solution. 

Our custom seals have performed to perfection in a wide variety of circumstances. We have created products that are the preferred sealing method in environmental extremes such as bitter cold or intense heat. Our choice of custom seals stands up to dust, dirt, acids, chemicals, and various other forms of solids, liquids, and gases. Depending on the intended application, the material of the custom seals and the manufacturing methods are altered to provide a viable solution. 

Water tight, air tight, and vacuum sealed applications are just a few of the needs that our line of seals accommodates. We even have the capability to seal the smallest molecular gases such as helium. If a custom seal is not the answer, we also provide a range of custom rubber products that are available to fulfill your needs. 

Product Design Assistance 

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Seal Master is finding the ultimate solution no matter what our customer’s needs may be. Part of the way we accomplish this is with design assistance from our engineering team. By understanding your goals and intended use, we can collaborate to find the ideal product material and manufacturing methods needed. 

To get started with this design assistance and to learn more about our custom rubber products please contact us today.