Changing tyres yourself: Everything you need to know

30 Sep.,2022


Do You Need to Change Your Tires

This puts the start of the summer tyre season at Easter. Temperatures start to become milder at this time of year. We recommend fitting your summer tyres when the temperature is steadily above seven degrees Celsius. From October, as soon as winter conditions such as frost and black ice set in, it's time: off with the summer tyres and on with the winter tyres.

In the high season, garages have very long waiting lists. However, if you book an appointment in good time, you will benefit from the expertise professionals have to offer. In general, the following applies: If you are unsure about how tyres are fitted properly, get advice from a garage. Anyone who is well-versed on how to do it can also change the tyres on their own, as we will explain in our step-by-step instructions.