Tactical Gloves Buying Guide

04 Nov.,2022


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When it comes to your professional gear, you need options that meet the highest standards to ensure they never hinder your performance on the job. With tactical gloves, you need options that meet your needs in a few special ways. Let’s take a closer look at these specific elements with our tactical gloves buying guide. These tactical gloves shopping tips can help you narrow down the search for the right pair for your next mission or day in the line of duty.


The most important tactical gloves shopping tip is to consider the matter of grip. A glove is of no use to you if it hinders the ability to grip your firearm or restricts access to using technology needed for the job. Because of this factor, many professionals choose to go with fingerless styled gloves. This allows for you to have the ability to still use your phone or other tactical devices requiring a good grip. Grip is also related to handling your firearm. Before you take every shot, you have to have the feeling of contact with your trigger or it can become a distraction from getting the shot. Fingerless gloves are great for those individuals that need to feel the trigger before they pull it. Of course, when working in extremely cold climates or under special situations when you need to be covered from head to toe, there are tactical gloves for your needs. There are designs which feature special finger tips to provide superior grip perfect for using technology, handling small items, and shooting needs. This type of glove also usually features a textured palm for added grip capabilities.

Ease of Movement

Another factor when looking at tactical gloves is to find an option that allows not just grip, but also movability. Some tactical gloves are designed to protect your hands from damage by way of padded knuckles. However, if the padding of the knuckle is too thick, it will impede your movement. Likewise, if a glove is the wrong size, it can get in the way of movement. To make sure you have the right amount of movability, look for padded knuckle gloves in leather over molded. Leather will have more give and contouring for easier movement than a molded option which tends to be more on the rigid side.

When it comes to finding the right sizing to ensure ease of movement, remember that phrase, “fits like a glove” as your guideline. The right fit of a glove should feel natural. You will obviously know you are wearing gloves, but they shouldn’t get in the way of movement and they should still give you full access to your hand. The best way to determine sizing is to consult a sizing guide from the manufacturer of the glove if possible. Of course, you should always try them on before you take them on a mission or day on the job to make sure they won’t impede your performance. Your gear matters in the job you do.


The final matter to cover in our tactical gloves buying guide is what type of material is best suited to your preference. Gloves are available in a few basic options such as leather exteriors or specially bonded Nylon blends. While each one is a good choice, a better option is to choose one that incorporates both in expertly designed outcomes. For instance, gloves should have leather for exceptional durability, contouring, and waterproofing abilities. You should also look at the interior. You want materials that offer some breathability either through the use of wool lined interiors which are absorbent or through breathability features built in to the glove. The matter of comfort is important since you will be wearing these gloves all day so never compromise in this area.

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