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14 Apr.,2023


When shopping online for over coats and trench coats, sizing can be difficult without being able to try on the raincoat in person. Mycra Pac Raincoats do run large and are meant to fit comfortable over sweaters, blazers and gowns. Lose fitting trench coat is perfect for layering business attire or casual wear.

Mycra Pac Raincoats are available in four sizes XS (00), Petite (0), Small / Medium (1), Medium / Large (2) and Going In Style does take special orders for the 1X plus size raincoat.

Throughout the year Mycra Pac Donatella style trench coats are available in three lengths, mini, short and tea. Seasonally for Fall long length coats are available, but sell out quickly.

The Mycra Pac Raincoat sizes have been updated as of 2021. The XS is still XS, Small is now Petite, Medium is now Small / Medium and Large is now Medium / Large.

If you have any questions on wholesale rain coats, raincoat manufacturers. We will give the professional answers to your questions.