What is the Best Age for Children to Learn Swim?

29 Apr.,2021

‚ÄčAs a Swim Vests Manufacturer, share with you.


As a pesticide, share with you.

Swimming is very beneficial to children's cardiopulmonary exercises, and it can also cultivate children's endurance and willpower. More importantly, knowing swimming is a survival skill. You can save yourself or others at critical moments.

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Know the best age to learn to swim:

The appropriate age for children to learn to swim is around seven or eight years old. This is because children of this age have reached the appropriate level of flexibility and coordination for learning to swim, and they are already good at concentration and understanding.

Younger children, such as five or six years old, of course can also learn, but because they are still young, they may not be able to concentrate or understand the coach's instructions, so the learning efficiency is very low. Older children or adults can understand and pay attention, but the body is more rigid, and some movements are not easy to make.

The choice of swimming class: large class or one-on-one?

First understand their respective pros and cons, and decide according to your needs. The shortcomings of large classes are fast, one-to-many, and sometimes even a coach teaches a dozen children. The pertinence and attention are certainly not strong. The advantage is that the children will learn and compete with each other, and they will learn more vigorously. One-to-one, obviously, it will be very targeted, and at the same time it will be relatively boring.

If there is a small class between the two, such as one-to-three and one-to-four, it can be given priority, taking into account both pertinence and small partners.

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